About Us

We have been a business conglomerate supplier of raw materials for the development of the industrial sector since 1984. With products of the highest quality, state-of-the-art technology and a complete focus on the total satisfaction of our clients.

Our goal is to always be leaders in innovation and development, always focused on the progress of the entire region. We offer locally and internationally a wide range of products for the manufacture of paints, coatings, adhesives, and plastics, as well as for the treatment of water, the food and beverage industry, home cleaning and personal care, among many other areas.
We have plants and offices in different countries in America.

We consider our collaborators as the main asset, we are a company with high social awareness, and with sustainable products and services for the care of the environment. Acting with integrity goes beyond protecting our reputation and image, it means doing the right thing and maintaining a place where we are all proud to work. It is important to us to create and maintain a corporate culture that demands honesty and integrity.

We believe that the success of our businesses must go hand in hand with the development of the society we serve. Therefore, we have permanent support plans for the communities in which we are established, through programs in the areas of sports, housing, health, education and the environment. We know that to the extent  we are able to generate a positive impact on the economic, technological and social progress of our environment, and to build a relationship of trust with each of our stakeholders, we are going to be able to guarantee our own sustainability in the industry.