Intumescent agents ( Flame retardant aditives )

Description and Use

They are fine, white powders based on ammonium polyphosphate.

Through a combination of various components in case of fire they react with each other and as a result of the temperature increase they form a carbon foam that can reach a thickness of 10 to 100 times in coating.

It is used as an additive to make fire retardant coatings, it is suitable as a flame retardant for wood, paper and textiles, non-halogenated flame retardant, and also flame retardant coating on metal structures.

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Prevents ignition, may self-extinguish the flame or slow down, decrease heat release, disruptive discharge delay, prevent the collapse of structures specifically steel columns protected by intumescent coatings, prevent fire from moving to adjacent rooms and is favorable in environmental profile and health.