PVC Compounds

Multiquimica with two industrial facilities, Compuestos Dominicanos S.R.L located in the Dominican Republic and Multiquímica Centroamericana S.A. in Guatemala, is committed to the development and manufacture of PVC compounds for markets such as construction, footwear, cables and wires, packaging, printable sheets and banners, medical appliances, among others.

• Total quality satisfaction for our customers is provided with the most advanced technology in the plastic industry, together with an integrated quality system for all our operations.

• We also have the most advanced laboratory for plastics in Central America and the Caribbean.

• Our mission is to be the main partner in the development and growth of our customers.


(Pipe, Pipefitting and Rigid Profiles)

Our rigid PVC compounds for the extrusion of pipes (PT), have excellent processing, characteristics and are available in the form of pellets and dry-blend. We also produce compounds for the injection molding of pipe fittings, (PF), that have outstanding characteristics of flow and impact resistance, being suitable for the production of both, drainage and pressure fittings and accessories.

The Vinytek PW series are compounds for the extrusion of window profiles, yielding profiles with superior gloss, color uniformity and impact resistance.

**Complain FDA CFR21, RoHS, and no heavy metals added, NSF.

Blow Molding

The Vinytek BD and P series, are compounds for the blow molding of PVC bottles, suitable for the packing of edible oil, water, cleaning products and lubricants. These compounds produce bottles with high clarity and gloss, excellent dimensional stability and high impact resistance.

We manufacture compounds for the blow molding of bottles up to five gallon capacity. Our clear products are available in blue tones dark and clear, and we also manufacture opaque products in a variety of colors.

**Complain FDA CFR21, RoHS, and no heavy metals added, NSF.


General Purpose Compounds:
• We manufacture the Vinytek VN products for extrusion, printable sheets and banners, having remarkable printing quality.

• The Vinytek VY series are compounds for the extrusion of straps for chaise lounges and flexible profiles, both, with outstanding weather and outdoor resistance.

• The Vinytek AM series compounds are designed for the covering of wires for the production of fences. These products are available in different colors and have excellent properties of UV light and bacterial attack resistance.

• Other flexible extrusion compounds are Vinytek VG for the manufacture of garden hoses of high gloss, clarity and resistance to UV light and microorganisms degradation.

• Food grade and medical applications also are available.

Electrical Wire and Cable

We manufacture PVC compounds for the production of high-quality wire and cable with excellent insulation properties and smooth finish.

Our products are designed for the production, among others, of TW, THW and THHN wire and for SJTW jacketing.

Our compounds meet the UL83, ROH ́s and no heavy metals are added.


We are experts in the manufacture of a wide variety of PVC compounds for the injection molding of footwear products, shoe soles, and full plastic boots and sandals, and PVC specialty compounds for oil resistance, low temperature applications and for high resistance to abrasion. Available in different colors, hardness, and finishes for any specific need.

Our Vinytek CQ series are crystal compounds for high clarity applications and the Vinytek CE super expandable compound series which are excellent for the injection molding of extra light shoe soles.

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